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Hot press composite series

  • Cutting machine
Cutting machine

Cutting machine

  • Commodity No.: 201911031006
  • Drying method: circulating air
  • Door panel: customized
  • Total power: 64.5kw
  • Product description: Cutting machine


The operator can operate the equipment only after he is fully familiar with the performance and working principle of the machine. This equipment must be operated by specially assigned person. Non operators are not allowed to open or move it randomly.
Before production, check whether cables, breakers, contactors, motors and other electrical appliances meet the requirements.
Before production, check whether the three-phase power supply is balanced. It is strictly prohibited to start the equipment without phase.
During the production period, check whether the rotary joints are safe, whether the pipeline is smooth, whether there is damage and oil leakage, and remove them in time.
Before production, check whether the pressure of each barometer is normal and whether there is air leakage in the air circuit, and repair it in time
Before production, check the fastening condition of each connection to see if it is loose or falling off, and repair it in time.
Before large-scale production of equipment, small-scale test shall be done first, and large-scale production can be carried out only after success.
Before production, check the lubrication conditions of each hydraulic station, reducer, bearing bush box, lead screw, etc., and fill the hydraulic oil and lubricating oil correctly and timely.
After the machine is shut down, the accessories such as dust collection parts must be put on the rubber roller in time to remove the debris and dirt from all parts of the machine for the next use.
It is strictly prohibited to contact the corrosive liquid with the cot, and ensure that the surface of each drive roll is clean and free of foreign matters at all times.
It is strictly prohibited to pile up sundries around the host system, and keep the host clean and free of foreign matters at all times. Ensure a certain heat dissipation effect.
Sd-h2100 maintenance:
The lubricating oil of the reducer shall be changed every six months ·
According to the actual production situation, the dust collection device shall be inspected regularly and replaced.
Replace N46 or N32 anti-wear hydraulic oil every six months.
Check the hydraulic oil tank and hot oil engine oil tank once a month to remove oil dirt and impurities, and add enough lubricating oil and heat transfer oil
Add lubricating oil to bearing and lead screw every shift.
After each shutdown, the accessories such as dust collection parts and anilox roll must be timely removed to remove the debris and dirt from all parts of the machine.
The chain shall be checked every shift to ensure normal lubrication and timely tension.
Check whether the connecting parts and fasteners are loose or missing in each shift and fasten them in time.
Check the oil pump, oil cylinder, solenoid valve, distribution valve, oil pipe and other connections for oil leakage every shift.

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